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X-ray bed used in U-arm X-ray machine

Some customers saw our X-ray bed products on the website and were interested in our X-ray bed. Inquired about the use of a simple filming bed with a U-arm X-ray machine, and specifically inquired about the use of the customer. The customer sent us a picture of the U-arm X-ray machine currently in use, so he recommended our mobile X-ray bed without a cassette, and sent the customer specific information about the X-ray bed and our X-ray bed. The customer is satisfied with the physical picture. This X-ray bed is specially designed to be used with U-arm X-ray machine. It is simple without a cassette and can be moved. If you want to buy an X-ray bed, please leave a message or email for consultation. The pictures of our X-ray bed are as follows:

X-ray table


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