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Can the steering wheel of the pet bed be replaced?

Today, a customer  Pet Hospital consulted the steering wheel of the pet bed and said that the steering wheel of the pet bed previously bought by another company was broken. The steering wheel of the pet bed bought at that time did not have a lock, so it was always because It is inconvenient for pets to drive the pet bed to run around because of disobedient pets, so the customer asked if our company has casters with locks, and answered what the customer had, and our company’s wheels use a double-wheel structure, and the contact area with the ground is wider than that of a single wheel. The movement is more flexible, and there will be no noise during driving. There are locks on the corners of the wheels, which will not move after being locked, and can be moved when unlocked.
After hearing this, the customer felt that this steering wheel was particularly suitable for our pet bed, but did not know whether it could be matched with my pet bed, so the customer asked to recommend a pet bed to change between, because considering that the customer is treating the pet, Pets are not at your disposal, so I recommend a four-way floating pet bed for customers. The specific configuration model of this pet bed will be sent to the customer below. The customer expressed satisfaction and signed the order contract.
Composition: The column and the bed are composed of two parts, followed by the foot switch, film box, power supply and so on.



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