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Medical X-ray bed and mobile DR are used together

Today, I received an inquiry from an old customer in Harbin to equip the mobile DR with a medical X-ray bed. The customer previously bought a bucky stand and used it with the mobile DR. At that time, it was also recommended that the customer be equipped with a medical X-ray bed. For the photographing of the human body in the lying position, the customer said that it would be fine to find a hospital bed instead. Today the customer replied that the bed cannot be aligned with the center, so he is planning to buy a medical X-ray bed.
The role of the medical X-ray bed is the same as the bucky stand, and it is also used in conjunction with the X-ray machine. The medical X-ray bed is divided into a cassette and no cassette. Simple customers choose a medical X-ray bed with a cassette, because if there is no The film box and flat-panel detector can only be pressed on top of the human body to shoot, and the patient will feel very uncomfortable. In addition, the flat-panel detector is a very expensive device. If it is accidentally dropped, it will cause damage to the device.
Because the customer is supporting the mobile DR, the bucky stand was originally recommended for a mobile type. This medical X-ray bed must also require a mobile medical X-ray bed. The mobile medical X-ray bed is on four legs. The parts are equipped with movable casters, which can be locked and fixed after they are pushed to the shooting location to avoid blurring of images caused by movement during shooting; the bed surface is made of acrylic sheet commonly known as plexiglass bed surface, and carbon fiber board. You can choose any of these types, and it is generally recommended that customers use transparent acrylic sheets. The medical X-ray bed uses acrylic sheet, which has good light transmittance and will not cause yellowing and hydrolysis.
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