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X-ray table with film cart

Today I received an email from an Australian customer asking about the X-ray table with the film cart. I just reported to the bucky stand a few days ago. This time the customer sent an email asking whether the X-ray table with the film cart can be shipped together with the bucky stand? Send the X-ray station information to the customer, let the customer confirm the product model information, etc. If you are sure to purchase the X-ray station, you can ship it to Sydney together with the bucky stand. The customer asked what the film cart of the X-ray table was and what was it useful for, and told the customer that the film cart of the X-ray table is actually a small box that can be moved under the X-ray table. This small box can be placed on a flat panel for detection. The camera, cassette and grid are very convenient.

X-ray table


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