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x ray table used with mobile DR

The photography x ray table is also called the filming bed, which is an auxiliary application equipment of the X-ray machine. It can be used with mobile DR, mobile X-ray machine, and portable X-ray machine to perform photographic inspections on the abdomen, limbs, pelvic cavity, lumbar spine and other parts of the human body. Our filming beds are divided into mobile and fixed models. The bed surface material of these filming beds is usually made of acrylic board, that is, plexiglass, which is divided into transparent and opaque materials. The price of density board is relatively cheap. If the budget is limited, you can choose density board, but the light transmission of acrylic board is stronger, and the focus is more convenient. When using an X-ray machine for fluoroscopy, it is most appropriate to choose an acrylic sheet. Mobile photography flat beds are divided into those with and without cassettes. If you need to put a flat-panel detector, it is recommended to choose the one with cassettes. The filming bed has an IP board that can place flat-panel detectors, cassettes or CRs. The bed surface is made of transparent acrylic boards to better align the center and facilitate the positioning of the beam device and the flat board. The photography flat bed can float in six directions, front, back, up, down, left, and right. , and has a universal wheel that can be turned. When moving to the shooting position, the filming bed can be fixed by the locking function of the wheel hub. Its brake wheel can also be installed at the designated position according to customer needs. The electrified model is beneficial for patients to get in and out of x ray table, is low cost and saves electricity, and can also be operated in emergency situations. When there is a power outage, it is necessary to take more care of the patient to avoid safety problems.
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