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How to choose between mobile x ray table and fixed x ray table

As the name suggests, the mobile x ray table and the shareholder’s fixed x ray table are equipment that can be moved and the other is fixed.
In this case, a mobile device is more convenient.
The mobile filming bed has movable steering wheels. When moving to the shooting location, the two wheel corners can be locked, and then the shooting can be fixed. After shooting, the wheel corners are locked and opened, and then moved to the place where it is placed, so The mobile filming table can be used in the radiology department and can also be moved to the ward to take pictures of the human body in the supine position.
Therefore, there are many options for filming beds used in mobile X-ray machines, preferably with a film box, and the lifting method, length, width and height, or bed panel materials can be selected according to individual circumstances. If you need filming bed, please contact us for product information and specific quotation.
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