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Which brand of domestic lifting x ray table is good

With the continuous improvement of medical level, the requirements for medical devices are getting higher and higher. Medical devices not only need to give doctors enough information in the diagnosis, but also need the most humanized and convenient operation during the inspection process, so that the whole inspection Simple and easy. As the most classic mechanical structure of the X-ray machine, the x ray table has prominent advantages in the inspection process.
The mechanical structure of the x ray table itself has a wide range of motions, and almost every mechanical part can move. After being paired with a moving flat panel detector, it can realize photography without dead angles, which is unmatched by other X-ray machines with mechanical structures.
The photography flat beds produced by our company mainly include: simple photography flat beds, simple photography flat beds with cassettes, four-way floating simple photography flat beds, six-way floating photography flat beds, C-arm special hydraulic beds, etc. The photography flat bed is energized and unlocked, which is beneficial for patients to get on and off the bed. It is not conducive to medical accidents easily in the case of emergency power failure, it is not conducive to patients getting out of bed, and the cost of magnets is high. Power-off unlocking saves power, is low in cost, and can be operated in an emergency, which is not conducive to patients getting in and out of x ray table and falling easily.
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