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Photography x ray table for use with sickle arms

The editor is here today to popularize the knowledge of the x ray table. The photography flat bed is also called the filming bed. It is an auxiliary equipment used in X-ray machines. Not only can it be used with a sickle arm, but it can also be used with mobile DR, mobile X-ray machines, and portable X-ray machines.
Our photography flat beds are available in mobile and fixed versions in many models. The mobile photography flat bed is composed of a flat bed assembly, a film box assembly, etc., and is mainly divided into those with a film box and without a film box. If you want to place a flat-panel detector, it is recommended that you choose the one with a film box. The stroke of the film box is greater than 800mm, and the length*width of the bed board is 2000*580mm. There are two materials: acrylic plate and carbon fiber plate. It is 17*17. The filming bed is equipped with a sickle arm, and the position of the tube and the chest film frame can be adjusted up, down, left, and right to make the shooting angle more accurate.
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