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X-ray operation table for digital X-ray machines

The X-ray operation table can be used in combination with the digital X-ray machine. It can be compatible with a variety of DR devices (such as flat plate DR). It can be used for X-ray examination of the decuded human body and as a stretcher.
Medical X-ray table is a mobile device with flexible movement of the bed body. The bed surface can realize longitudinal and lateral movement. Can be the whole translation and locking; Adopt universal casters with brake, flexible and reliable.
X ray operation table for digital X ray machines
Newheek X-ray operation table is divided into fixed type and mobile type, with and without film box, and four-direction floating X-ray operation table. Customers can choose according to their needs, can achieve clinical non-dead-angle photography;High-end photography flat bed design, bed surface can be up and down. Four-way floating film bed, the bed surface can be four-way floating, infrared induction electromagnetic lock.
It can be used for photographing the head, chest, abdomen, lumbar vertebra, limbs and other parts of the human body in hospitals at all levels.
The bed surface material of Newheek X-ray operation table is divided into density board, plexiglass board and carbon fiber.
Our X-ray operation table can meet your different needs.


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