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Can Newheek’s electric operation table film pets?

Newheek’s veterinary x ray tables include four-way veterinary x ray table, simple veterinary x ray tables and Bucky Tray’s veterinary x ray tables with cartridges.

Application of the veterinary X ray table

Pet owners are very concerned about the health of small animals. Pets are very smart animals, But some problems will arise if they don’t pay attention to them in daily breeding. So pet hospitals are slowly emerging. Many customers come to our electric operation table.

In general, the dosage of X-ray machine used for human body detection will be larger. Most animals have smaller bone density than human body, especially cats and birds. Therefore, X-ray machine with smaller dosage should be used to take pictures.

Newheek 4-way floating veterinary table can meet this demand.

How to choose a vet table

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