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What parts make up the x ray radiology table?

The x ray radiology table  is a flat bed of photography. What are the specific components? There must be many people who do n’t understand. Let me introduce you to the photography flat bed produced by newheek.

The filming bed mainly includes: bed body, column, controller, counterweight, baffle, tube tube hoop, support frame and four expansion screws.

Support frame: This is what we call the support frame. It is the foundation of the fixed bed, which can ensure that the bed does not shake, and it also plays a safe role.

Tube hoop: It is mainly used to fix the tube, and also plays a role in insurance.

Controller: The controller is mainly to control the one above the column, and move up and down.

Baffle: The baffle is installed on both sides of the bed surface, which plays a fixed and beautiful role.

I believe that everyone knows almost the structure of the film bed that I talked about today. For more information

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