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X ray bed helps patients with nucleic acid detection.

According to Chinese media reports, in addition to nucleic acid testing, Wuchang District of Wuhan City will also detect serum antibodies. This may become the epidemiological survey project with the largest sample size in the world.

Large-scale testing can effectively detect asymptomatic infections, but whether a city has the ability to complete universal testing within 10 days, and whether testing is necessary at this time, has become a question.

How does the “General Assembly Battle” proceed?
Before the introduction of the national testing plan, a new community in Wuhan had 6 new confirmed diagnoses on May 9 and 10, breaking the record of no new cases for 35 consecutive days. The new cases are from previous infections in the community. The community has now been closed again.

An “Emergency Notice on Carrying Out New City Virus Nucleic Acid Screening” was circulated on the Internet. The payment was the epidemic-related big data and epidemiological investigation team of Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on May 11.

The “Notice” stated, “After research, it was decided to conduct a” ten-day battle “for nucleic acid screening of all new coronavirus in Wuhan.”

The “Notice” requires that this nucleic acid screening give priority to “key populations and key areas”, including old communities, densely populated communities, and areas with concentrated floating population. Both permanent residents and migrants need to be tested. Each community formulates a testing plan and time schedule based on the population base, the number of streets and communities, etc.

The Chinese media “First Finance” reported that the test covered 9 types of people who must be tested, including all fever patients including suspected new crown cases, school staff, medical and health institution employees, transportation industry service personnel, banks and other public health Service staff, staff and volunteers involved in community prevention and control, staff of party and government organs and institutions, and migrant workers.
The X ray bed is extremely conducive to rapid detection for some sick and weak patients.
What is the control of the medical x ray table photography


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