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What are the ways to use the Radiology Table?

The Radiology Table features electromagnetic locking and infrared sensing to control the table surface, making it the best choice for radiology.

Use of medical X ray table
Newheek Four-way floating X-Ray Radiology Table is specially designed for hospitals, clinics and professional medical testing. It has beautiful appearance and can control bed movement through infrared induction.
Newheek most notable feature of the X-ray Radiology Table is that the rear gear provides a smooth, quiet way of working for desktop motion.

Features of medical X ray table
There are pillars on the X-ray Radiology Table, which can connect the X-ray Tube and Generator. Under the X-ray Radiology Table, there is the bucky tray, which can hold thefilm, CR and DR panels for image acceptance.
At the same time, it can also cooperate with X-ray Bucky Stand to form a complete imaging system.


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