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Medical X-ray table is introduced in detail

Medical X-ray table, the bed surface is designed to float in four directions. The material of bedplate USES carbon fiber, also can choose plexiglass or density board by oneself.Strong load-bearing capacity, less radiation absorption, easy to maintain. The bed panel is only 7.5cm away from the film, which reduces the amplification distortion and greatly improves the image quality. Infrared induction electromagnetic lock is used to lock the mechanical movement of the bed, button lock cut off the power supply, and protect the safe operation of the equipment.
The bucky rack of medical X-ray table can be pushed and pulled out by one hand, which is suitable for various standard bucky and IP boards from 5″ x 7″ to 14″ x 17″, and can move along the bed body in a large range flexibly.The bed can support 200 kg. The adjustable bed can be used to meet the needs of the aged and the critical patients, and it is convenient for the special patients of stretcher bed.
Medical X ray table is introduced in detail
The Newheek medical x ray table can be divided into four types, four-way floating type, stationary type and mobile type.
Mobile medical X-ray table includes the bed frame and the bed leg arranged in the four corners below, and the moving roller is arranged below the bed leg. A movable medical X-ray machine is arranged on one side of the bed frame.
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