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Veterinary x ray table for pet DR

Veterinary x ray table is an important part of animal screening. Is an important part of pet DR. Pet DR is a digital X-ray examination specially used for pet X-ray photography, and is reconstructed by computer and a series of image post-processing. It is a must-purchase device of pet hospital. Through X-ray imaging of different parts of the pet, pet doctors are assisted in timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Five major components of pet DR, one is a digital X-ray detector that turns x-rays through human or pet bodies into digital images. The other is the high voltage generator, which can provide ultra-high voltage electrical energy for the bulb emitting X-ray.
Thirdly, the bulb tube can convert the high-voltage electrical energy of the high-voltage generator into X-ray.The fourth is the rack, which can connect the veterinary x ray table, the digital x ray detector and the bulb to work together. Fifth is the pet dedicated DR workstation software, can do image display, storage and so on.
Veterinary x ray table for pet DR
The four-way floating veterinary x ray table can greatly improve the shooting convenience. The frame which can change the shooting distance has little benefit. The structure of fixed working distance is more practical and reliable than changing the shooting distance.
The Newheek veterinary x ray table is divided into a variety of types, including fixed type and mobile type, with or without the cassette.
Newheek veterinary x ray table can meet your different purchasing needs.


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