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Use of medical X-ray table

Medical X-ray table is the standard configuration of 500maX X-ray machine. The 500ma radiography machine can be used for all levels of hospitals to perform normal, normal and lateral photography, spot photography and high-kv photography of human head, chest, abdomen, lumbar vertebra, limb and other parts, and it is a widely used radiology medical equipment. In the actual use process, vertical photography frame and medical X-ray table can be selected to make the application more extensive, including conventional skull, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity, spine and peripheral peripheral examination photography.
Use of medical X ray table
The positioning of the medical X-ray table is electromagnetic braking, the bed surface floats, the pedal is loosened, and the stand column is operated by hand. The positioning is fast and reliable. And the structure is ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, easy to operate. The structure of medical X-ray table adopts electromagnetic braking, the bed surface floats, the foot is loosened, and the column is operated by hand. It is portable and flexible to move, accurate rotation Angle, fast and reliable to locate, and more extensive to take photos.
Newheek medical x ray table is divided into many types. It is divided into medical X-ray table for human use and animal use.Subdivided into stationary, mobile and four-way floating medical X-ray table.
Newheek medical x ray table can meet your different procurement needs.


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