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What are the advantages of a four-way floating radiography table?

Our four-way floating radiography table has the following advantages:
Convenient and flexible: The four-way floating function allows the table to move up, down, left and right, making it more convenient and flexible for medical staff to perform examinations and treatments. The position of the tabletop can be adjusted as needed to facilitate medical staff’s operation and reduce unnecessary physical labor and the number of patient movements.
High efficiency: When performing X-ray examination, the table can be moved to the appropriate position to ensure that the doctor can observe and diagnose accurately, avoid repeated movements and adjustments, and improve diagnostic efficiency.
Safe and Stable: Four-way floating tables generally have stable structures and high-quality manufacturing, providing good support and stability.
Versatility: In addition to the four-way movement function, some equipment is also equipped with other functions, such as adjustable head and tail, height adjustment, etc., which can meet inspection requirements in different scenarios and needs, and provide more comprehensive services.
Comfort: The tabletop of a four-way floating radiography table usually adopts comfortable materials and designs, which can provide a better lying experience, reduce the pressure on the patient’s body, and promote blood circulation. Mobile tables have the advantages of convenience and flexibility, improved efficiency, safety and stability, versatility and comfort.
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