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What is the purpose of using bucky on the radiography table?

The purpose of using a bucky on the radiography table is to hold and position the X-ray cassette or digital detector in place during the radiographic examination. A bucky is a tray-like device that is often made of metal and is located underneath the tabletop of the X-ray table.
Here are the main reasons for using a bucky:
Image quality: The bucky ensures that the X-ray cassette or digital detector remains stable and in the correct position during the X-ray exposure. This helps to produce high-quality and clear images by minimizing movement and distortion.
Radiation protection: The bucky typically contains a grid, which is a device made of lead strips that is placed over the cassette or detector. The grid helps to reduce scattered radiation from reaching the image receptor, resulting in improved image contrast and reducing unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient.
Workflow efficiency: The bucky allows for quick and easy positioning of the cassette or detector, minimizing the need for manual adjustments and saving time during the X-ray examination process.
Patient comfort: The bucky provides a smooth and even surface for the patient to lie on during the X-ray procedure, ensuring their comfort and stability.
In summary, using a bucky on the radiography table helps to ensure image quality, radiation protection, and efficient workflow during the X-ray examination.
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