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What are the dimensions of the X-ray table?

X-ray tables are designed to provide a sturdy and comfortable surface for patients during medical imaging procedures. These tables typically have a length ranging from 180 to 200 cm (70 to 80 inches) and a width of about 60 to 70 cm (24 to 28 inches). The dimensions may vary slightly depending on the specific model and manufacturer.
The length of the table is important to ensure that patients have enough space to lie down comfortably and position themselves properly for the X-ray examination. A longer table allows for a larger range of patient sizes to be accommodated.
The width of the table is designed to provide enough space for most patients to lie down without feeling cramped or restricted. It is important for patients to have enough room to stretch out their arms and legs comfortably during the procedure.
In addition to length and width, some radiography tables also have adjustable height features. This allows healthcare professionals to raise or lower the table to a suitable height depending on the patient’s needs and the specific type of imaging procedure being performed.
Overall, the dimensions of an radiography table are carefully designed to ensure patient comfort and safety during medical imaging procedures.
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