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Veterinary equipment: veterinary X-ray table

veterinary X-ray table is an important component of pet equipment with simple and clear operation and safe and convenient use. Rapid imaging in a short time, working efficiency is higher.
The Newheek veterinary X-ray table is divided into fixed, mobile and four-way floating form and then with or without a sheet box with or without a sheet box with or without a sheet box with or without a sheet box.
Veterinary equipment veterinary X ray table
The bed surface with veterinary X-ray table can float forward, backward, left and right directions with electromagnetic braking to make positioning more convenient and accurate.Our pet X-ray machine can set up a touch screen,
With the remote control hand brake exposure control mode, greatly reduce radiation, environmental protection and operators more safe.Veterinary X-ray table with medical fibre board for bedding.It is safer and more reliable to use.
Newheek veterinary X-ray table can meet your different purchase requirements.


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