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Medical X-ray table material features

Medical X-ray table is an important part of X-ray machine. Newheek medical X-ray table can be divided into various types, including fixed, mobile, four-direction floating and six-direction floating medical X-ray table. Besides, the bed surface material of our medical X-ray table can be customized, which can be divided into plexiglass, carbon fiber and density plate.
Medical X ray table material features
Organic glass transparent medical X-ray table, supporting medical X-ray imaging equipment DR film use, advantages for simple and convenient operation, one foot brake and unlock operation, side column design to ensure barrier-free movement, transparent bed plate is more convenient for doctors positioning photography.
Carbon fiber medical X-ray table is the most popular market demand, the use of carbon fiber composite materials to make X-ray radiation medical bed panel has the advantages of high imaging quality, high strength, strong fatigue resistance, light weight and so on.
Our medical X-ray table can meet your different purchase needs.


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