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The role of Radiology table

Newheek medical x ray table is a hot product of our company. The Newheek medical table can be used for orthopedic surgery, and it is also convenient to use the C-type X-ray machine for filming. The two ends of the bed are controlled by pneumatic components to adjust the lifting angle, and the tilt angle can be adjusted arbitrarily; the bed surface can be translated and locked as a whole; the casters with brake direction are used for flexible movement and fixed reliability.
Carbon fiber medical X ray table

Newheek medical is divided into many categories, such as NK-T1, NK-T2, NK-T3, NK-T4, NK-RT01, NK-RT02.
Let me tell you about NK-T4 today.
(1) Table surface size: 2020mmx800mm
(2) Table surface material: plexiglass
(3) Table surface lock: foot switch
(4) Table surface movement: manual
Table surface vertical travel: 450mm±20mm
Table surface horizontal travel: 250mm±10mm
(5) Table lifting travel 200mm (electric)
Table lowest position 705mm±10mm
Table highest position 905 mm±10mm
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