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Newheek Medical X Ray Table – 4 way floating table

Introduction to medical X ray table

The Medical X Ray Table can be matched with X-ray generator and x ray bucky stand to take general photographs of human head, chest, abdomen, limbs and bones in standing, lying and lateral positions.

Newheek’s x ray table has infrared control and floating electromagnetic brake to facilitate patient positioning.

The table surface can move vertically and horizontally, with a longitudinal travel of 900 mm and a maximum travel of 240 mm.

Medical X ray table packaging and transportation

The following are the structure and function of the main parts of the x ray table.

(1) Infrared control of table surface floating: the legs are gently close to the infrared region, and the table surface can move. When the position of the table surface is adjusted, it will be locked away from the infrared control range.

(2) Table base: support table surface;

(3) Table panel: for patients lying down;

(4) X ray table: for placing film;

(5) Columns: used to support the transverse arm of the tube, the tube and the collimator;

(6) Collimator: adjust the exposure field of vision;

(7) Controller: control the upper and lower left and right movement of the column;

(8) Tube: Used for X-ray exposure;

(9) Transverse arm of spherical tube: used for supporting spherical tube and collimator;

(10) Fixed pins: used to fix the transverse arm track of the spherical tube;

(11) Column rotation block: used to control column rotation.

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