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Medical X-ray table packaging and transportation

Medical X-ray table is a major part of human body photography. Newheek is a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines and spare parts.In addition, our medical X-ray table can be divided into various types, including simple medical X-ray table, film box and non-film box, fixed, four-way floating and six-way floating medical X-ray table.
Our film bed can also be configured to form different X-ray machines.
Medical X ray table packaging and transportation
Newheek four-way floating medical X-ray table can be configured with X-ray tube, high-pressure generator, collimator, chest X-ray rack and other components to form different types of X-ray machines. And our medical X-ray table is locked by electromagnetic induction through infrared ray.Beautiful appearance, easy operation, convenient for medical staff working pressure.
In addition, we pack and transport, such as sea transport, in order to prevent moisture, we use vacuum, and add desiccant.
Newheek medical X-ray table can meet your different purchase needs.


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