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Inquiry of Vet radiology table from Malaysia

Newheek is a manufacturer of X-ray machines and accessories. X-ray machine is mainly used by U-arm, C-arm, 500 ma Intelligent Automatic Digital X-Ray Radiography Machine, Vet Animal Portable X-ray Machine etc. Accessories have hand switch, image intensifier, radiology table, high voltage cable, bucky stand Etc.

The Malaysian customer asked about NK-VT03, which is a pet X-ray machine. X-ray filming can be done for cats and dogs.
Veterinary x ray table for DR

Next, let me introduce you to Newheek NK-VT03.
Four direction floating
Electromagnetic locking
CR,DR, cassette applicable
Table size 1400mmx720mm
Table height 830mm
Fixed column height 2100mm
Table horizontal travel 260mm
Table vertical travel 120mm
Overall size 1400x720x2100mm


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