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Can the X-ray Table be used with U-arm?

Use of medical X ray table

The X-ray Table can be used with X-ray generator and radiator. It is suitable for standing, lying, lateral and kilovolt photography of human head, chest, abdomen, limbs and bones in hospitals at all levels.

Newheek has the X-ray Table that fits perfectly with the U-arm.

NK-T2 X-ray Table material mainly has three kinds: density plate, plexiglass, carbon fiber board.

Different materials require different prices. Details can be consulted.

At the same time, the X-ray Table can be made into two kinds of X-ray Tables with and without bucky tray according to the requirements of customers.

The X-ray Table without a cartridge can be used in conjunction with the U-arm. People can easily lie down on the X-ray Table and take X-ray photographs.

The X-ray Table with bucky tray can match with various X-ray machines.

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