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6-way x-ray table specification

Floating medical X ray table in six directions

Newheek x-ray table is mainly mobile and fixed. It can be used with X-ray machine or combined with X-ray machine.

Today, we are talking about a 6-way x-ray table that can be used with an X-ray machine.

The 6-way x-ray table can move up and down, and in 6 directions, both horizontal and vertical.


The following is the introduction of the 6-way x-ray table:

Table Size: 2005mmX800mm

Table material (optional): Plexiglass /carbon fiber

Table Locking Mode: Foot Switch

Table movement mode: manual

Longitudinal travel: 450mm±50mm

Lateral travel: 250mm±10mm

Lifting travel: 200mm (electric)  Minimum: 705mm ± 10mm    Maximum: 905mm ± 10mm


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Medical X ray table table material


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