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Swiss customer inquired about our veterinary X-ray table

A customer from Switzerland asked about our veterinary X-ray table and wanted to take pictures of kittens and dogs. What are the characteristics of our veterinary X-ray table? Let’s take a look together below:

Features of veterinary X-ray table:

1. The machine has accurate positioning, reliable performance, and can adapt to general photography. Using a bridge rectifier combined with an X-ray generator can improve the quality of photography.

2. The imported filter plate is used to make the image clearer, which is especially suitable for shooting the back of animals.

3. Equipped with filament voltage regulator circuit, the parameters are more stable

4. Designed specifically for shooting animals, the operation is more convenient and simple.

Main technical parameters of veterinary X-ray table:

Power conditions and operating modes

Power supply voltage: AC 220V±22V;

Power frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz;

Power supply capacity: ≥8KVA;

The maximum allowable internal resistance of the power supply: 1Ω

Operation mode: intermittent loading and continuous operation

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