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Introduce the mobile photography flat bed

The product introduced today is the PIIIA2 mobile photography flat bed. The floating electromagnetic brake of the mobile photography flat bed is convenient for patient positioning. It can be matched with X-ray generators, film frames, etc., to perform general photography of the human head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts in standing, lying, and lateral positions.
The structure and function of the main components of the mobile photography flat bed
(1) Floating foot switch on the bed surface: when stepping on the micro switch of the foot switch, the bed surface can be moved. When the position of the bed surface is adjusted, the foot switch is released and locked;
(2) Bed base: support the bed surface;
(3) Bed panel: for the patient to lie down;
(4) Film rack: used to place film;
(5) Column: used to support the tube arm, tube and beam limiter;
(6) Beam limiter: adjust the exposure field of view;
(7) Controller: Control the up, down, left and right movement of the column;
(8) Tube: used to emit X-rays after exposure;
(9) Tube cross arm: used to support the tube and beam limiter;
(10) Fixing pin: used to fix the cross arm track of the tube;
(11) Column rotation stopper: used to control the rotation of the column.
Circuit description of mobile photography flat bed
(1) Turn on: Press the power switch, the indicator light is on, and the camera bed is powered on;
(2) The support arm moves up and down: When the switch is pressed down on the controller panel, the support arm can move up and down freely.
(3) Support arm rotation: When pressing the support arm rotation switch on the controller panel, the tube can rotate freely.
(4) Column left and right movement: When the controller column moves left and right switch is pressed, the column can move left and right.
Floating bed surface: When stepping on the footswitch micro switch, the bed surface can float left and right, and it will be locked after being released.

 mobile photography flat bed


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