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Six-way floating bed for C-arm

A customer of a company came to inquire about the use of a six-way floating bed. The client is a C-arm manufacturer. At present, the big C produced by the company has a fixed six-way floating bed supporting manufacturer. Now it is mainly to find a suitable supporting manufacturer for the small C produced by the company.
I sent the information of our X-ray table to the customer and asked the customer which one is more suitable? After choosing, the customer feels that our six-way floating bed is more in line with the requirements, and asks for a quotation. I quoted the retail price to the customer and told the customer that if they want a package, they need to reapply for the price if it is a bulk purchase. The customer said that he needed to study the applicability of this six-way floating bed with the team first, and the price could be discussed later.
The six-way floating bed selected by the customer is shown in the figure:

six-way floating bed


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