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Foreign customers configure a veterinary X-ray table for their pet clinic

Both domestic and foreign countries have high requirements for pet medical equipment, especially imaging equipment such as veterinary X-ray machines and veterinary X-ray table. There are also many injuries to animals for personal benefit. Animal rescue centers receive calls from well-wishers almost every day. There are injured animals waiting for rescue in a certain location. After receiving the call, the rescue center immediately goes to the rescue center to receive small animals for treatment. , The small animals returned from the rescue are usually covered in cuts and bruises. The internal injuries cannot be judged by the naked eye, so it is necessary to use a veterinary filming machine for filming inspection.
The first thing is to put the animal on the veterinary X-ray table and use the X-ray machine to take pictures of various parts. After the inspection, the symptomatic treatment will be performed.
There are countless animal rescue centers at home and abroad, so if you encounter an injured animal, you can call the rescue center for assistance.
A few days ago, I received an inquiry from a foreign Israeli customer, wanting to buy a veterinary X-ray table for my pet clinic. The filming bed I used before was old-fashioned and cannot be moved. I saw that our company has a four-way moving animal. The X-ray table is ready to be ordered and taken, and it is packaged and shipped for the customer today.
If you need a veterinary X-ray machine and a veterinary X-ray table, you can contact our company for consultation.

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