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Mobile X-ray table with C-arm

Today, a customer inquired about mobile X-ray table with C-arm. Normally, the bed used by the C-arm is an operating bed, and the ordinary X-ray table is not suitable. After giving feedback to the customer, the customer said that the hospital already has an operating bed specially equipped with a C-arm, so he wanted to buy an ordinary mobile X-ray table to move the patient.
According to the customer’s needs, first recommend the hydraulic mobile X-ray table to the customer. The bed surface of the hydraulic mobile X-ray table can be raised and lowered and tilted.
The customer said that the bed surface does not need to be raised and lowered, just fix the bed surface. Recommend customers to choose our ordinary mobile X-ray table:
Mobile X-ray table size: 201x70x71cm
Finally, the customer ordered a mobile X-ray table of our company.
If you are interested in our mobile X-ray table or hydraulic X-ray table, please contact our customer service for consultation.

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