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Function composition of medical X-ray table

How much do you know about the function and composition of the medical X-ray table? Let me introduce to you our medical X-ray table.
The medical X-ray table is an accessory equipment of the X-ray machine. It uses the combined effect of the existing medical X-ray machine in medical institutions and this device to perform radiographic examination on the abdomen, pelvis, limbs and other parts of the human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosing lesions. Its common name is medical X-ray table.
Medical X-ray table structure: The medical X-ray table is composed of a flat bed component and a film box component.
Main technical parameters of medical X-ray table
The travel of the cassette is greater than 800mm;
Bed board length * width: 2000*580mm;
Maximum film size: 17 “×17 “;
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