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Purpose of the veterinary X-ray table

The veterinary X ray table is a major component of X-ray machines. The principle of pet X-ray machine is the same as that of human X-ray machine. X-ray is ionizing radiation. However, animals are not as obedient as humans and are likely to shiver when shooting. Therefore, it is necessary to consider binding the animal’s binding belt or using a very short exposure time to shoot.The role of the veterinary X-ray table is also of utmost importance.
Pet X-ray machine operation is simple and clear, safe and convenient to use.Short time fast imaging, work efficiency is higher, no need to wash the film, computer imaging directly. With veterinary X-ray table, the bed surface can float forward, backward, left and right with electromagnetic braking to make positioning more convenient and accurate.
Purpose of the veterinary X ray table
With the close table graphic programmable color liquid crystal touch screen and remote control of exposure control, radiation has been greatly reduced and environmental protection and operation personnel have been safer. Veterinary X-ray table with medical fiber board is used for bed surface to prevent pet scratches. With multiple functions of automatic protection and fault prompt, it is more safe and reliable to use.
The Newheek veterinary x ray table with or without bucky has a wide range of types and has not only a four-way floating x ray table but also a fixed, mobile or bucky x ray table with or without bucky.
Newheek veterinary X-ray table can meet your different purchase requirements.


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