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Medical X-ray table is used for digital imaging

Medical X-ray table is an important part of X-ray machine and an important part of digital X-ray imaging system.
Digital X-ray imaging system. General X-ray upgrade digital X-ray imaging system is mainly to make full use of the original equipment of the hospital, retain the traditional X-ray part and remove the film imaging part. Add digital image system and support structure of detector.
The control system of high voltage generator and detector is added to become a complete set of digital X-ray photography system.
Medical X ray table is used for digital imaging
The DR flat plate detector can achieve dual functions of one plate, that is, it can be installed in the chest X-ray frame box and the medical X-ray table bucky.
The medical X-ray table is made of carbon fiber with strong load-bearing capacity, low X-ray absorption and easy maintenance.The medical X-ray table panel is only 7.5cm away from the film, which reduces amplification and distortion and greatly improves the image quality.
It can flexibly move along the longitudinal and wide range of medical X-ray table body. The bed body can bear 200 kilograms. Medical X-ray table is optional, which can meet the requirements of the elderly and critically ill patients and facilitate the special shooting of stretcher bed patients.
Newheek medical X-ray table can be divided into several types to meet your different purchase needs.


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