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Our six-way floating radiography table in Newheek

Product introduction of our productsix-way floating radiography table. The NK-PIVC photographic flat bed is a six-way floating radiography table. As the name suggests, it can float up and down, which is convenient for clinical medical diagnosis. The NK-PIVC six-way floating radiography table has a floating electromagnetic brake on the bed surface, which is convenient for patient positioning. It can be matched with X-ray generators, film frames, etc., to perform general photography of the human head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts in standing, lying, and lateral positions.
When using thesix-way floating radiography table, you should pay attention to maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine and give full play to its effectiveness;.The operating room is always kept clean and dry, and the sliding surface of the moving parts is often wiped without dust or inclusions.
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