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X ray photography table

Product introduction for our X ray photography table.The bed surface floating electromagnetic brake of photography flat bed is convenient for patient positioning. It can be matched with X-ray generator and photo frame, and can be used for normal photography of head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of human body in upright, supine and lateral position.
X ray photography table structure and function of main components
(1) Floating foot switch on bed surface: when stepping on the foot brake micro switch, the bed surface can move. When the bed surface position is adjusted, the foot brake is released and locked;
(2) Base: support bed;
(3) Bed panel: for patients to lie down;
(4) Column: used to support the cross arm of the ball tube, the ball tube and the beam limiter;
(5) Controller: control the column up and down, left and right movement;
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