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Newheek’s lookup table radiology with bucky with Bucky.

The Veterinary X ray table is used in X ray machines

Newheek veterinary X ray table has four main types: four-way lookup table radiology with bucky, simple lookup table radiology with bucky and lookup table radiology with bucky with Bucky.
Our lookup table radiology with Bucky is a fixed film bed. The height of the bed is also higher than the general medical film bed, which is convenient for medical staff to operate and for pets to be fixed.
In order to facilitate the operation of medical personnel, our lookup table Radiolog with Bucky can move synchronously with the pillar. For larger pets, once placed on the bed, it may be difficult to move twice. So we can move Bucky to drive the column and take location photographs of the pet inspection site.
Our Bucky Tray can be made in 14 “X17” or 17 “X17” sizes, depending on the size of the detectors in the customer’s store. Bucky Tray can hold cassettes, CR IP boards and DR flat panel detectors.

Veterinary X ray table overview
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