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Namibia customer inquires about medical X-ray table

A Namibian customer saw the medical X-ray table promoted by our company and sent an e-mail consultation. The customer said that he wanted to buy a medical X-ray table to work with a portable digital X-ray machine.
We recommend NKPIIIA1 medical X-ray table with film cart for customers. As shown in the figure below, we explain to customers that this medical X-ray table is specially designed for digital X-ray machines, and the film cart is used to install flat-panel detectors. With four universal wheels, two of which are equipped with foot switches, which can meet the requirements of portable digital X-ray machines used in different places and fixed during filming. We sent the product parameters of the medical X-ray table and the operation video to the customer as an attachment to confirm whether this one is needed.

medical X-ray table


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