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Application of veterinary X-ray table and veterinary X-ray machine in pet hospital

With the rapid development of pet diagnosis and treatment, the application of advanced and sophisticated instruments in pet clinics is increasing. The combination of veterinary X-ray tables and veterinary X-ray machines has brought great help to the diagnosis and treatment of pet diseases. Veterinary X-ray table is an important diagnostic method that uses X-ray equipment to observe the anatomical shape, physiological function and pathological changes of the internal organs of the body, thereby diagnosing various diseases. Including fluoroscopy and photographic inspection.
A four-way floating veterinary X-ray table produced and sold by us in Newheek is mainly composed of two parts: a column and a bed body, followed by a foot gate, a film box, and a power supply. The following are the specific equipment parameters.
Technical parameters: Length of bed panel: 1400mm
Bed panel width: 720mm
Bed height: 830mm
Column height: 2100mm
Longitudinal stroke of bed panel: 120mm
Horizontal stroke of bed panel: 260mm
Total height of photography flat bed: 2100mm

veterinary X-ray table


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