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Mobile medical x ray table

Medical X-ray table can satisfy patients to take photos at any time without requiring medical staff to move patients under inconvenient conditions.Medical X-ray table is an important part of X-ray machine. Can improve the working efficiency of staff. And bed maintenance costs low, easy to clean. Medical X-ray table bed is made of solid low absorbable ray permeable material, which is very durable.
Includes an adjustable operator handle that can be placed along both sides of the slide bed concealed fitting guide rail.These handles can be used by the operator for medical X-ray table movement, or by the patient to help stabilize them during metastasis or repositioning.
Mobile medical x ray table
Medical X-ray table is adjusted steadily, and 5-inch casters can be easily repositioned. The single leg brake control device locks all four wheels and provides steering mode to position the wheels in the selected direction for easy control.
Newheek medical x ray table surface can choose carbon fiber, plexiglas or density board.Secondly, Newheek medical x ray table is divided into several types, mobile, stationary and four-way floating medical x ray table.
Newheek mobile medical X-ray table is flexible in operation, convenient in use and beautiful in appearance. Meet your different purchasing needs.


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