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Medical X-ray table is used for digital X-ray machine

Medical X-ray table is an important part of X-ray machine. Digital X-ray machine can rise and fall and rotate in a wide range, which can be applied to the positioning requirements of different positions of patients and meet the requirements of standing and lying in patients’ multiple parts photography.Medical X-ray table bed surface is mainly made of radiation-permeable materials, divided into density board, carbon fiber and plexiglass. We can choose according to customer’s requirement, and different material price is different.
The advantages of medical X-ray table mainly include the patient’s load capacity, complete extension, pedal lock control, vertical and horizontal, and the bed surface can float up and down in four directions. It can also be equipped with infrared ray induction and electromagnetic lock design to facilitate accurate positioning during supine patient photography.
Medical X ray table is used for digital X ray machine
Silent heavy motor drive, can achieve fast and efficient lifting action. Medical x ray table fully digital intelligent control system, simple operation, convenient and safe use.
Newheek medical X-ray table embodies the medical design concept and can provide the best quality X-ray equipment for customers.Internal balance design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, good performance.
Our medical X-ray table is divided into several types, which are stationary and mobile.Tape cartridge and no tape cartridge.Can meet your different needs.


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