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Veterinary x ray table for DR

Veterinary x ray table is an important part of pet X-ray machines. Pet DR is a digital X-ray examination specially used for pet X-ray photography, which is reconstructed by computer and a series of image post-processing. It is a must-buy equipment for middle and high-end pet hospitals. Through X-ray imaging of different parts of pets, pet doctors are assisted in timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Pet DR mainly includes five major components, digital X-ray detector, high pressure generator, tube, veterinary X ray table, pet specific DR workstation software.
Veterinary x ray table for DR
A device that connects racks, digital X-ray detectors, and ducts to work together in the veterinary x ray table.
Its veterinary x ray table bed surface can float forward and backward in four directions, and electromagnetic braking makes the positioning more convenient and accurate.
The Newheek veterinary x ray table is divided into various types, including cassette type and non-cassette type, stationary type and mobile type.
The Newheek four-way floating x ray table consists of two parts, namely, foot brake, chip box and power supply. Also can be infrared induction electromagnetic lock, can be customized according to your needs.
Our veterinary x ray table can meet your different purchasing needs.


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