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The Veterinary X-ray table is used in X-ray machines

In the Veterinary x ray table, there are mainly stationary and four – way suspension. The stationary Veterinary x ray table can’t move the bed, and doctors need to move the pet itself to adjust the shooting position. The four-way levitated Veterinary X-ray table moved the bed face forward, backward, left and right in four directions, allowing the doctor to adjust the shooting position. A pet X-ray machine with a four-way floating Veterinary X-ray table is the best choice.
The distance between the ball tube in the pet X-ray machine frame and the detector is also known as the working distance. Most pet DR racks use a fixed working distance, because it is fully capable of taking pictures and is relatively reliable and not prone to damage.
The Veterinary X ray table is used in X ray machines
The Veterinary x ray table is divided into many types. Applicable to different types of pet X-ray machines.The bed surface of moderate height is designed, the floating bed surface of pedal-pedal type is controlled, convenient operation, the greatest degree satisfies the doctor photograph.
Newheek can also be equipped with a complete pet machine. Although the whole machine is composed of the main parts, it is necessary to select the parts with high matching degree for the whole machine which is not composed of three parts.
Newheek Veterinary x ray table can meet your different purchasing needs.


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