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Is Newheek vet tables suitable for fixed X-ray machines?

How to choose a vet table

Newheek has a variety of vet tables, which can be used in different X-ray machines.

It can be matched with portable X-ray machine, mobile X-ray machine, C-arm, U-arm and pet X-ray machine.

Let’s talk about our four-way vet tables, which is one of the last products we welcome in the market. As soon as the product is promoted, many customers come to consult us about this product.

Many customers asked if the vet tables could be used with a fixed X-ray machine.

This is for sure, because the vet tables and the pillar are not integrated and can be disassembled. If the customer needs, they can only purchase the vet tables.

The vet tables surface of this vet tables can be controlled by foot brake to move in four directions.

At the same time, this vet tables has a bucky tray. The wagon can move horizontally. For some large pets that are difficult to move, we can move the cart to receive images.

Integration with veterinary X ray table features

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