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What’s the material of Newheek’s medical beds?

With bucky type medical X ray table

Newheek has a variety of medical x ray table, which can be used in different X-ray machines or assembled into X-ray machines.

It can be matched with fixed X-ray machine, portable X-ray machine, mobile X-ray machine, C-arm, U-arm and pet X-ray machine.

Let’s talk about our simple photographic flat bed, which is one of the last products we welcome in the market.

Many customers have asked about the material of this medical beds.

This medical beds has three main materials: medium density board, plexiglass, carbon fiber.

Now we mainly make pet beds made of plexiglass. The bed surface is transparent, and the position of the wagon can be well observed, whether it is on the same central line as the beam limiter.

The pet bed has four casters, so the medical beds is movable, and the casters are equipped with foot brakes, which can be used to fix the bed. In order to avoid accidental or imaging deviation due to mis-touching in the process of filming.

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