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Newheek veterinary table Delivery Packaging.

Integration with veterinary X ray table features

Newheek has three models veterinary x ray tables, which can meet the needs of hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

At present, export packaging is very strict internationally, and many customers pay more attention to this issue.

The wooden box made of solid wood is fumigated and disinfected, usually by fumigation or heat treatment, then covered with IPPC stamp, and issued a formal fumigation certificate, so as to meet the export requirements of the wooden box.

Composite boxes belong to non-fumigation products, so they can be exported directly without fumigation certificate, that is, non-fumigation and non-inspection wooden boxes. The fumigation-free wooden box does not need IPPC stamp as the fumigation-free tray does.

All the export packing boxes we use are composite boards and wooden boxes, which do not require fumigation. So customers can rest assured of this. If it is really necessary to use solid wood for reinforcement, we will also do fumigation treatment.

Veterinary equipment veterinary X ray table

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