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Integrated medical x ray radiology table

The x ray radiology table is divided into medical and pet, and the x ray radiology table is mainly used for X-ray machines.
The x ray radiology table is a device for X-ray machine diagnostics used with X-ray machines. The film bed is made of carbon fiber, MDF, plexiglass, and so on.

For the installation of the medical x ray table for body
At present, the structure of the film bed has been diversified, and there are the cheapest film beds, the versatile film bed, the x ray radiology table with foot control, and the x ray radiology table with electromagnetic induction. Newheek’s four-way floating film bed is a versatile electromagnetic induction film bed.
X ray radiology table: Because the x ray radiology table‘s cassette and column track are connected to the bed, it is also called the integrated photographic flat bed. The previous x ray radiology table is fixed on the ground. Now that the integration of the photographic flat bed has been realized, the x ray radiology table can adjust the direction and position of the film bed by using infrared ray sensing. The cassette can be placed up to a 17″ X17″ cassette, its beam limiter and tube part. It can be rotated 180 to facilitate inspection of various parts of the human body.


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