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Customer consulting simple type film table

In recent days, there is a client consulting simple type film table, we made a simple introduction for the client, the table surface of this film table is fixed, the structure is relatively simple compared to the six-way floating table and four-way floating table, so it is called simple type film table.
The table has four mute wheels, two universal wheels and two brake wheels for easy movement and fixation during filming.The table panels are made of density board, acrylic or carbon fiber and it can be customized according to customers’ requirements.If the client wants to use it with a detector or film cassette, it can also be equipped with a removable casset holder.
This simple type film table can be adapted to u-arm X-ray machine, sickle arm X-ray machine, double-column X-ray machine and other X-ray equipment.If you are also interested in film table, please call us .

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