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Medical x ray table produced by Newheek

Yesterday, a customer called to consult the editor. The customer said that they need to purchase a batch of medical x ray table for use in fever clinics of a hospital. A portable bedside DR used in fever clinics. The machine does not come with a cassette. The medical x ray table that need to be purchased come with their own films. The box can be placed with a flat panel detector. The customer sees that the size and specifications of the Mobile type x-ray table for sales by our company are fully in line with the requirements of the hospital, and we hereby inquire about the purchase.
At present, this medical x ray table 2020mm*800mm*690mm, the film box stroke 500mm±20mm
If you also have the needs of medical x ray table, please call to consult and discuss cooperation matters, and people from all walks of life are welcome to inquire and discuss related matters such as supporting production, maintenance and replacement, and agency trade.


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